India Innovation Challenge ’16

I along with some senior year students from our university participated in a challenge by IIM Bangalore, Texas Instruments and Indian Government(Make in India campaign).


This was a challenge for all Indian students to present their ideas to the world and we developed a low-cost bluetooth-enabled smart ring which is working great(for now atleast, as it is still in testing phase ๐Ÿ˜› ).


We made the application to connect with our smart ring, do some data processing and visualisation on the application. We have developed a AngularJS web application as a front-end and node.JS server to connect to any interface(mobile/web). I’ve already explained my application in my earlier post.

After submitting our entry, on 15th November, we received an email Shortlisted teams for the Quarterfinals.pdfย and following the link we came to know that we(Team ID: 1603) have been shortlisted as Quarter finalist amongst top 428 teams of 11,000 participant with the project name Low-cost bluetooth-enabled smart Ring for Pulse Oximetry Solutions.

Our application’s architecture was carefully designed to deal with data synchronisation problems. We’ve been planning to soon proceed with mobile application for android and iOS platforms soon to make the use for our ring more practical and solve a more realistic problem with our device.

We love solving problems and are excited to move forward with this and let’s see what we can make together! ๐Ÿ™‚



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