Web Summit ’16@Lisbon

we got selected for web summit’s student scholarship and attended the Summit in Lisbon in November 2016.

Web Summit described as “Europe’s largest technology marketplace” is actually one of the biggest conferences that you can experience the world. It is a 5-day long conference, start-up exhibit, and much more all going on simultaneously. It covers more than 15 interest areas for people and has more than 50,000 attendees from all over the world.

We attended many talks and met a lot of start-ups to discuss their ideas and see the recent on-goings in the tech world. We listened to talks by many famous personalities in the tech world like Richard Stallman and Chris Di Bona.It was a dream-come-true to see these guys in person, which we talk and read about every day.

We also met a lot of people like start-up founders, other student scholars and team leaders of companies like Facebook, MSQRD, Microsoft, Google, Github and many others. We had a nice chat with a lot of people around the conference to share our experience and listen to their experiences. We made some good friends at the conference and enjoyed the experience thoroughly.

I really like meeting new people and exploring what experiences they have to share. I would really like to attend more conferences like these and work some ideas I get while travelling around and talking with people.



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