portable binaries for ssh_scan

Currently, ssh_scan is available as a gem, docker container and source code compilable by the user, but it can be difficult and time-consuming for the user to compile the code every time on their systems. Also, a common problem with ruby apps is not having a native ruby environment where you want to run it.

So, our mentor suggested that traveling-ruby can be the right fit. It basically allows you to ship the entire application and a pre-compiled ruby with the file. Starting off with a simple script for generating binary, we extended it into producing binaries for all major systems using automated rake tasks. So now, at any time you can run something like  rake package to generate various binaries for different systems. We currently support linux_x86, linux x86_64, osx and win32 systems.

Using this rake task automation we can generate portable binaries in seconds and are ready to go. You can take a look at the tasks here: https://github.com/mozilla/ssh_scan/pull/237/files.

Further, we have also created a pipeline for automating task spawning using Travis-ci and with this pipeline, what basically happens is, on every release of ssh_scan,  Travis will automatically run this rake task and upload the created binaries to Github.



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