openSUSE Conference ’16@Nuremberg

attending openSUSE conference ’16 at Nuremberg, Germany has been one of the most awesome experience ever in my life.

reaching Nuremberg from India alone, was a pretty big decision to make but was totally worth it. As I was in Europe for the first time, I was pretty excited to see new places and meet new people. reaching Nuremberg and sharing my experiences with fellow people was a great experience.

pre-conference party

before the conference started openSUSE organised a pre-conference party where it was really new but exciting to share my experiences with people and hear about their experiences. I reached Kater Murr and while waiting for other openSUSE GSoC students, I talked with various SUSE members like Stella, Ancor and Moises and  many other SUSE members from Gran Canaria, Spain and many other places… and yes, openSUSE had their own Beer too 😛

and the conference starts… 


The conference was organised at this classic place called Z-Bau, which is a historical military building turned into an event hub. The location was very good and openSUSE did an excellent job in organising the event. We had free lunches provided by SUSE at the conference which was really good as well.

On the first day, I, Ana and Joaquin went to Z-Bau a bit earlier and volunteered for helping at the registration desk at the conference. After helping at the registration desk, we went to attend various interesting talks like SaltStack is more than just configuration managementIntroduction to the Linux Block I/O Layer Johannes Thumshirn SUSE Labs Summit and Hawk 2.0 and Beyond A new look for High Availability clusters Kristoffer Grönlund SUSE Labs Summit. After attending these talks we went for lunch where fresh Cheese sandwiches were waiting for us.


In the afternoon, we also volunteered in various talks helping in monitoring the smooth execution of talks. After this, we attended a very interesting workshop organised by Lasse Schuirmann on How to Contribute to an Open Source Project which was a very well organised workshop and Lasse helped us on explaining well about Coala and also helped us making the first contribution at Coala. After the conference ended, we had our City Tour of Nuremberg with all the conference attendees, where we saw the beautiful city of Nuremberg and fell in love with it.

as I thought the day was about to end, we along with our mentors and other lovely SUSE employees went to have a delicious Thai dinner and then we went to  Sommer in der City – Der Nürnberger Stadtstrand and chilled there for a while before the day, or rather say, the night ended 🙂

as the next day started, we were very excited to attend more talks and workshops to know and learn about more things and we started our day with the first Keynote from Frank Karlitschek, founder of NextCloud which was a very informative and well explained talk, further we went to openSUSE wants you: the software portal workshop by Ancor González Sosa who helped us get started with our first contribution to the support portal, then we had a lunch break and this afternoon, we had delicious kartoffel salad, bratwurst and bread in lunch. after the break we went to attend some more workshops.

We attended a very inspirational workshop Teaching open source by Craig Gardner, Craig explained the importance of open source and the current situation and the skill gap between graduates and the people open source wants. after this talk, we attended the talk openSUSE 101 by Henne Vogelsang, which discussed about the openSUSE 101 project which helps new contributors get into contributing with openSUSE. For the last talk of the day, we went to attend Ruby on Rails 101 and 20.000 Leagues Under SUSE Studio by Christian Bruckmayer, I specially loved the last workshop in which Chris taught us how SUSE studio can help us build our custom Linux image and we really enjoyed it.

We had a very interesting plan to go for a Cellar tour and were really excited to go for it but on the way back to my hotel, I twisted my ankle 😢 and couldn’t walk properly after that, then I just went to a medical store nearby to get some medicines and rested for a while to get ready for the next day.

to be continued…



  1. Ana · July 3, 2016

    Nice post! 🙂

    It is funny that in the stadt strasse picture I am standing to take a picture and you were doing the same so I apear in your picture much closer than the rest haha


  2. rishabhstr · July 4, 2016

    Thanks Ana! 🙂
    I just noticed you in that picture haha 😛


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