openSUSE – GSoC ’16



I’ve been working with openSUSE as an open source developer and have started my contribution to open source society with openSUSE.

All the contributors and mentors, I’ve been working with are very helpful and have helped me improve my experience with Ruby on Rails and overall open sourcing.


The project I am working on is Open Source Event Manager(OSEM), which helps in organising events and helps organisers reach their users.

The project uses Ruby on Rails and testing tools extensively for keeping the application as  error-free as possible.

The application code is available on Github and can be downloaded any time to be used for organising your events.

OSEM is used by open source organisations like openSUSEGNOME and ownCloud.

The developers also keep on looking for adding new features and/or any modifications, needed to improve User Experience of our application.

the new feature

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 3.42.23 PM.png

My project focuses on integrating a new feature in the application which will make the user experience smoother. In my project, I have to integrate the feature related to payments made by users to the event organisers.

As the coding period is about to start tomorrow, I have already tried implementing a sample payment application, which worked as expected, have finalised the deliverables about my project and have started working on my project. The challenge with my project is that it needs to be working perfectly as it deals with sensitive user information related to the users and needs to deliver payments securely.

My mentors are very friendly and helpful. They are always available whenever I find any doubt and want to confirm about things. They have massive experience in open sourcing and development and I am enjoying working with them! 🙂

Hoping a period full of learning and fun ahead!

To get an introduction on getting started with GSoC, see one of my previous articles.


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