Google SoC – Getting Started

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Google started Summer of Code program in 2005 and is conducting this program every year, since then.


Google Summer of Code is a program conducted by Google which interested developers and enthusiasts an excellent opportunity and motivation to get started with open source software development.

the basic outline of this program is somewhat like this..

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With this program you get to meet awesome people and also learn new interesting things. If you are interested in contributing to the open source society and have interest to learn new things, it provides you a great opportunity.

In this program, you get to work with the best people from the whole world who have great knowledge and experience in their field and you can learn a lot from them, just be enthusiastic and humble.

so it all starts with choosing an organisation and exploring the projects they are working on.

If you find any of those projects interesting, start studying their codebase. once you get a decent grasp of the codebase, start looking for the issues they have in their code and start following their development. You can also ask some help from project administrators or contributors for some help at this time.

If you keep contributing to the project and put your efforts in framing your proposal by studying and thinking well on the project you are going to work on, getting reviews from your mentors at every step, your mentors like your proposal and your organisation has enough slots for your proposal, you might get a chance to work with your organisation under GSoC.

well, even if you don’t get accepted, keep working with your organisation as you will learn a lot from these people as they are one of the best people in the world who are working for open source society¬†out of their interest and love for coding.

Well, the project ranges over a wide range and covers various aspects of programming including developing libraries, developing Web applications, integrating new features in them, working with low-level programming etc. So if you are interested to learning, working and contributing together, just go for it.

Believe me, there is no better feeling than seeing your code working and being used by the community. Google Summer of Code is much greater than only a program. It helps you get into open source society. Do it for the love of code. Do it for learning.


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