why rishabhstr?

everyone has been asking me this question

so it started with getting a small and easy handle name for me… all I wanted was to get a convenient username (<10 alphabets)

at first I tried all easiest possible combinations with my first and last name and I couldn’t get any, well that was expected

i was trying to get something like ‘rishabhs’ or anything close to that and as most of my time goes with tech-related stuff, guess what pops in my mind the next second, “rishabhstr”… close enough to what i wanted.

where does the ‘str’ come from?

well, if you are a programmer, I think you guessed it right

yes, it’s a “string”… as all usernames, names, etc. are all strings

haha, it may sound silly but that’s what it is, “a string”!

cartman-angry - from collapseboard dot com

looool XD


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