people from across various places were about to gather in Ranchi, for a hackathon based on social issues and this time the focus was against Gender based Violence.


I was pretty excited as it was the first time I was going to participate in any hackathon and registered for it on the day registration were about to close with one of my friend. We were then registered to an online pre-hackathon programme for about two months (November – January) which explained about what gender based violence on a broad aspect really is.

The hackathon was scheduled for 24-26th January 2016, conducted by U.S. Consulate General-Kolkata, Geeks without Bounds, The Bachao Project and was supperted by various NGOs in India and The United States of America.

On the first day, we gathered at Judicial Academy, Ranchi and first had Lunch there. The first day had a Seminar scheduled for introducing details regarding how to proceed for the hackathon and how a product is developed and why open sourcing is preferred. We were then divided into groups according to different problem sets and common ideas and then we went back to our hostels and started brainstorming on our problem sets.

Second and third day were scheduled to start working on our problem sets. We reached J.S.C.A. stadium at noon and started working on our problem sets. It was an entirely new experience for us as we were thinking on social problems for the first time and we also found some creative solutions for the problem.

Over the two days, we finally thought of a solution and started working on the prototype version of our model which could solve social problems like trafficking, financial instability and child labour.

On the final day, we had to pitch our idea which we named as Saathi and also had to answer the questions asked by judges regarding problems like feasibility, impact, target of the solution.


Overall it was an extraordinary experience as we stayed up for the whole two days on caffeine and came up with a creative solution which even we didn’t thought of! We also made some good friends there and worked as a group there. We also came across various ideas that other teams thought of and found every idea really very interesting.


We didn’t win the hackathon but learned a lot of things there and came back with a lot of good memories with us!


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