*le me

I am a student of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra pursuing my Bachelors in Engineering with majors in Information Technology. My major interest lies in the field of  Web Development and Software development.

Alright, so this is the first post, so it will cover a small text related to all my interests. But, on this blog, according to the current plan will go around the random everyday stuff… probably! Let’s see how it goes further.

~on a less serious note~


well, Web Development has evolved a lot recently and is one of the most interesting fields in technology to work under! I love doing web projects and learning new technologies along with them.

Music is another of my major interests. Music goes along with everything, keeps you upbeat and keeps you going. I adore music. I have a vast music collection spreading over various genres and I love listening to music and exploring new artists and genres.


I like listening to different genres of music according to the mood, acoustics while sunny afternoons, upbeat music like house and electronic music while coding(as far as i remember), pop and rock in evenings and many more on shuffle in the meantime.

Information Security is also one of the major streams which look really cool but are really important and need some serious attention while building anything that can’t afford information theft.


It is one really interesting topic, but I will not be really focusing on this as it requires a serious level of expertise and commitment. I know the basic concepts of Information Security and like casual playing around with them!

I am interested in learning advanced level concepts but I have some priorities sorted out beforehand and will be focusing on them currently.

So, mainly this blog is focused to improve my writing skills and will also feature some of my interests like technology, music, information security. This blog will not be updated on a very regular basis but will be updated whenever I get some free time.



  1. Jeyna Grace · January 21, 2016

    Have a awesome blogging journey!


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