India Innovation Challenge ’16

I along with some senior year students from our university participated in a challenge by IIM Bangalore, Texas Instruments and Indian Government(Make in India campaign).


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portable binaries for ssh_scan

Currently, ssh_scan is available as a gem, docker container and source code compilable by the user, but it can be difficult and time-consuming for the user to compile the code every time on their systems. Also, a common problem with ruby apps is not having a native ruby environment where you want to run it.

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tuRing – the smart ring

I along with three other students from our university were working on a smart ring for Pulse-oximetry based healthcare solutions. Our team consists of four members, two of them are working on the hardware and I along with my friend are working on developing the software interface to interact with the device over BLE(Bluetooth Low-energy), which is a wireless personal area network technology helping devices to communicate wirelessly.

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GSoC ’16: last week

As the GSoC final evaluations are going to start tomorrow, this blog post will summarise the project experience and delve into the tasks I worked on. I will wrap up with the challenges I faced during the last three months and the steps I took to overcome them.

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